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About our agency

Born from the crossroads of personalities from several sectors, and driven by the vision of the two co-founders to bring a modern 360° communication and marketing for all companies,

Les Equipiers wish to bring a more accessible and fresh image of marketing and communication agencies by putting the relationship with our customers, with you, at the center of our concerns.

The agency Les Equipiers wishes to be as close as possible to the field, as close as possible to reality and as close as possible to you, our clients. This desire for proximity means that we have a real attention to the region in which you evolve.

Your agency Les Equipiers is there for you, whatever the size of your business!

About us

We decided to create the team members because quality is our requirement.
Thus, the team members is a meeting of several personalities, from several professional backgrounds, who all strive for excellence in their respective spheres.
By meeting us, you can be sure that quality will be at the heart of the creative process that we will put in place to better satisfy you.
Our agency is above all based on healthy and transparent relationships between all the actors of marketing and communication to provide an optimal service!

Richard Bulan

The team of Les Equipiers

Let's meet

Richard Bulan co-fondateur Les équipiers

Richard Bulan
Le Cerveau

Co-founder and Director of Digital Services

Website, SEO, SEA, social networks, ... ? Richard and his "équipiers" are there for you!

Alexandre Beauvais Chiva co-fondateur Les équipiers

Alexandre Beauvais Chiva
La Voix

Co-founder and director of the marketing and communication department

Need PR, an emergency communication plan, ... ? Alexandre and his "équipiers" will answer!

Sonia Faure responsable vente grand compte Charente Les équipiers

Sonia Faure

Event Manager

Do you need professional support, with a personality that understands your business? Sonia is there for you!

Alassane Ly

Alassane Ly

Public Relations Francophone Africa

To develop your public relations and reach new markets, Alassane is there to help you!

Olga Ivanova

Olga Ivanova

Writer and translator

For all your texts in English, German, Estonian and Russian, Olga is there to make sure you get the best possible texts!

Maeva Girardot

Maeva Girardot


For the writing of all your texts, Maeva is one of the feathers of Les Equipiers!

Clément Burali

Clément Burali

Video director

Clément is a seasoned director with more than 200 films to his credit. He will know how to make promotional films that respect your company and your products!

Jérémy Lucas

Jérémy Lucas

Head of sound identity

For the creation of a unique sound identity for your shops and events, Jérémy is the perfect partner!

Halim Zabouri

Halim Zabouri

Graphic designer

Halim is an artist and an expert who will magnify the DNA of your company within your new visual identity!

Farrah Albashim

Farrah Albashim

Public Relations Specialist - Middle East

Do you need public relations in the Middle East? Farrah is the team member who will accompany you

Daphné Kaufman

Daphné Kaufman

Public Relations Specialist

To develop your public relations, Daphne is able to use its skills to develop your image!

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Together, let's take up the challenge to develop your communication and 360 marketing.

Les Equipiers are here to accompany you ont the road to success for your marketing campaigns !