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Gather your staff for a team building activity, organize an event to celebrate a particularly important contract, create your own trade show, ... So many good reasons to organize corporate events!

Les Equipiers will make, for you of these events of incredible moments, marking your employees, your customers as well as your prospects...

Moreover, if you wish to create a custom-made stand to participate in a trade show, Les Equipiers are there to do it for you, while respecting your visual identity.

Working with 3D printers, Les Equipiers can create totally unique promotional items that will allow you to differentiate yourself within shows, but also as a gift for your customers!

Everything you need for your events with your agency Les Equipiers !


You want to make a corporate event, very professional or a more relaxed moment of team building?

Les Equipiers will offer you a number of formulas according to your needs and the culture of your company.

réalisation PLV stand Les Equipiers
réalisation PLV stand Les Equipiers


You are participating in a trade show and you have no POS, no stand? Les Equipiers create for you what you need to have maximum visibility and make your show a success!

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Together, let's take up the challenge to develop your communication and 360 marketing.

Les Equipiers are here to accompany you ont the road to success for your marketing campaigns !