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Before presenting you our different solutions to develop your marketing, it may be important to quickly remind you what marketing is. Indeed, marketing is nothing else (and it's already a lot), that the analysis of the needs of the different consumers coupled with all the means of action that can be used to reach them.

Thus, having a clear vision of your customers who are already loyal to you and those you wish to reach is an absolute necessity. In this perspective, Les Equipiers can help you, in particular by carrying out a market study.

In addition, a marketing audit may be necessary to have a clear analysis of the current situation of your structure. Here again, Les Equipiers can bring you this vision to develop your business.

The last fundamental point is the elaboration of your marketing mix, your marketing program, to match your product with your potential customers...

It is on these three fundamental services that the agencyLes Equipiers supports you!

Marketing Audit

The marketing audit allows you to be perfectly aware of your strengths and weaknesses in terms of marketing. Thus, it will give you a clear vision of your marketing practices and whether they are consistent with your objectives.

Of course, like any audit, our Equipiers are there to bring an external view to your company to highlight what works well and what needs to be improved in all objectivity.

Etude de marché Les Equipiers
Etude de marché Les Equipiers

Market research

Knowing the sector in which your company operates is the goal of market research. It must answer a crucial question: is there a sufficiently large market for your product? And if so, how do you reach it?

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