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Obtain clean, well-written texts in elegant English that fits to all types of publication is an asset for your company. Indeed, having quality texts will reinforce the image of professionalism and seriousness of your company.

Thus, trusting writing professionals to proofread your publications to improve syntax, track down errors and typos, can save you a lot of trouble.In addition, if this text aims to improve your SEO, we can do an SEO proofreading to help you develop its future SEO.

The skills to write on the web are different from those needed for paper publications. However, at Les Equipiers different pens have these qualities. In addition, we do translations in 7 languages (French, German, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Romanian, and Estonian).

Entrust your WRITING to your agency Les Equipiers and our feathers will fly on the sheets!


Bringing an outside eye on your publication allows not only to correct errors, typos, improve syntax, but also to see blocking and unclear elements.

The SEO proofreading will show you how to improve your text to promote its referencing on the different search engines!

Rédaction print Les Equipiers
Rédaction print Les Equipiers


The writing style differs depending on the media. Writing a sponsored article is not the same as writing text for a flyer, for example. At Les Equipiers, we write for all types of media. In addition, we can do translations.

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